MDM: Deploy, Secure, and Support

your Enterprice Mobile Environment in Minutes

Why Comodo?

  • Comodo puts the humanity back into MDM: Pay only for users, not devices!
  • Full security coverage with state of the art, patent pending built-in anti-virus engine
  • Define device and identity certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority - COMODO
  • Already a major player in the mobile industry with Comodo Mobile Security for Android™
Ensure the security of all corporate or employee-owned devices with configured restrictions and security policies, secure user and device certificates, and continuous monitoring to keep all devices compliant and malware free.
Manage the lifecycle of the device and its data by setting user, device and application level policies, configuring app whitelists and blacklists, and requiring that all enrolled devices be encrypted, and compliant when enabling access to corporate email.
Reliable and scalable platform support with comprehensive visibility and control over iOS® and Android™ devices. Freedom of choice and no surprise costs with user based licenses.


U.S.: +1 888-256-2608
Italy: +39-0746-685365
Employees are connecting personal smartphones to corporate resources at an exponential rate. Comodo Mobile Device Management (CMDM) provides IT administrators a user based licensing featuring a rich set of capabilities to secure and manage large-scale deployments of corporate and personal mobile devices – all from a single console. Comodo Mobile Device Management automates the enrollment, provisioning, configuration, and management options to save your enterprise time and money. CMDM enables remote and seamless control over devices, giving enterprises the power to enforce security restrictions to protect the corporate-owned data regardless of the device that holds it.

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